Drag Toss is a free, 2D mobile game with focus on a high replay value and fun for when you are on the go or at home. It is using a flat and minimalist style with a simple monotone color pallet. The game uses simple one-hand controls and haptic feedback to deliver the best mobile experience for quick play sessions. The player has to toss a ball through a maze of spikes and blades which require fast reaction times and calculated movement. Each trial takes usually around 1-2 minutes due to its increasing difficulty based on the players score. A simple progression system lets the player acquire different skins by spending coins which can be gathered through out each trial. An achievement system lets the player ultimately grind for several achievements, like reaching certain scores, to show of their skills.


Drag Toss is currently only available on iOS for Iphone and Ipad. However development for the Android version is currently ongoing and is planned to be released soon. Down below is the link to the App Store page for installing the game.

Download on the App Store